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On this website you will find galleries of our travels in various regions of the world, but especially from Australia where we have lived for the past several years. We aim to visit places off the beaten path and convey our very personal impression of those landscapes in our images.


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The Wadden Sea ist one of most spectacular natural landscapes in Europe and Fanø represents a great basis for its exploration. Harbor seals and grey seals are often sean near the coast and during the bird migration thousands of dunlins, godwits, plovers, geese and oystercatchers can be observed. But the island itself is also surprisingly diverse, with picturesque extended sand dunes, heathlands, the most beautiful village in whole of Denmark, fighting pheasants and the most stunnig und mystical playground we have ever seen.

(last update 19.11.2021)



Reading about Småland one imagines a region with deep forests, countless lakes and villages straight from Astrid Lindgren’s books. And in reality it does look like it indeed. What we additionally discovered here were ancient churches, secluded isles, wonderful cheesecake, unbelievable mushroom quantity, the thickest oak in Europe and a curious elk bull.

(last update 19.11.2021)


Aletsch Alps

Aletsch ist a region in the south western Alps of Switzerland. It contains the largest, though due to climat change shrinking, glacier of the Alps and the exceptional prime-forest like Aletsch woodland. The area belongs to the Unesco Nature World Heritage of the Swiss Alps and offers countless hiking paths. Marmot, chamois and spottet nutcracker can often be seen just a few meters away.

(last update 19.11.2021)


Curonian Spit

The coast of the Curonian Spit is one of the more pristine places on the Baltic Sea. During every trip here there is something to discover – amber on the long, empty beaches, mushrooms or berries in the moss-covered forests, sand formations created by the wind in the vast dunes, rare birds migrating over this land in large flocks during spring and autumn or one of the shy, local elks.

(last update 20.11.2019)