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On this website you will find galleries of our travels in various regions of the world, but especially from Australia where we have lived for the past several years. We aim to visit places off the beaten path and convey our very personal impression of those landscapes in our images.


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Bohemian Forest

The Bohemian Forest on the border between Check Republic and Germany is the largest forest in middle Europe. It is at this mountain range with glacier lakes, deep woodlands and marshes where the primeval forest of the future is growing. It is a piece of wild nature in the middle of a cultivated landscape which one shares with capercaillies, lynxes and roaring deer.

(last update 13.10.2020)



The Rennsteig is a ridge walk running along the entire Thuringian Forest. It crosses dense spruce and beech forests, extensive mountain meadows and small, picturesque villages. The walk represents a mix between cosy taverns and small adventures in the nature. All around there are side routes that lure you to explore the little frequented valleys, natural springs and narrow paths through the woods.

(last update 14.07.2020)


Curonian Spit

The coast of the Curonian Spit is one of the more pristine places on the Baltic Sea. During every trip here there is something to discover – amber on the long, empty beaches, mushrooms or berries in the moss-covered forests, sand formations created by the wind in the vast dunes, rare birds migrating over this land in large flocks during spring and autumn or one of the shy, local elks.

(last update 20.11.2019)

Tasmanian East Coast

The east coast of Tasmania is the most versatile side of this special island. It contains several hundred meters high cliffs, temperate rainforests, snow-white beaches and sub-alpine mountain areas. And in the south it is the gateway to one of the last wilderness regions in Australia.

(last update 30.01.2019)